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Manage your Stress.  Master your Self.
In just 8 Weeks.
[For Businesses & Busy People.]

The American Psychological Association reports that 80% of Americans feel stressed by the economy, 60% feel angry about it and 52% are having trouble sleeping. — Read more: APA Stress in America 2008 National Press Release

Stress at WorkThe survey indicates that more people then ever before are reporting physical and emotional symptoms due to stress.

Stress-related Symptoms include fatigue & sleeplessness, feelings of irritability or anger, lack of interest or motivation, feeling depressed or sad, headaches and muscular tension.

Money is biggest cause of stress for half of Canadians, women more stressed than men except with work.  Read the report…

Are you ‘Stressed’?   Take the Stress Assessment test

The good news is that stress is not something that just happens to us;  it’s something over which we have control.

PRYTPhoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, a well-respected certifying school, developed a program to help people reduce stress through mindfulness yoga & meditation. The findings have been spectacular. The eight-week program has helped participants find a 55% reduction in stress-related symptoms.

Stressful situations don’t necessarily make us stressed.  What causes our stress is how we respond to such situations.

Turn Stress Into Bliss

As an Advanced Certified, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy facilitator, Soleil Hepner, founder of Stress To Success,  offers The 8 week program w/ Coaching – to a variety of individuals, groups and organizations including:  women in leadership, cancer survivors & care-givers, high-tech managers, and health-focused corporations.

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We need to build up some ‘inner muscle’ so we can handle the stress in our lives more easily

For those unable to be in a group, Soleil offers this course in an at-home version.   Handle your Stress and Master your Self in just 8 weeks – Start Now!

After meeting with Soleil each week, I have noticed a considerable difference in my focus and concentration. Her “Stress to Success” program is wonderful!  The practice of introspection can be positively life changing, and Soleil is one of the best among yoga and meditation instructors for driving that change within people.” Salar Salashoor, Manager (in the STS program)

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